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Missouri History Day

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The third Wednesday in October is Missouri History Day. There are many fall festivals around this time of year. Some of them highlight the pioneer days of Missouri and the history of our great state! We will be celebrating Missouri History Day in my classroom through cooking, eating, and remembering what it was like to… Continue reading

Santa Fe Trail Jr. Wagon Master Program

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Missouri is rich in history. We have been studying the geography of Missouri and basic facts about our state. Our nickname is the “Show Me State” and our state bird is the bluebird. Last week we had our first assessment on MIssouri. This semester will be exploring the state of MIssouri in the classroom and… Continue reading

Van Meter State Park

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It is quickly approaching the first Friday of the month! Our next State Park field trip is Friday, October 7, 2016. We will be going to Van Meter State Park and the Missouri’s American Indian Cultural Center. This state park has many educational programs that they offer to school children. We are scheduled for two… Continue reading

First Social Studies Test

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The students have their first studying assignment this evening. They will have their first test on the state of Missouri tomorrow. It will include two essay questions. We practiced the essay questions in class today since this is their first time to have them. The students each took home a Missouri folder with information that… Continue reading

American bison video

Today we talked about one of my favorite animals, the American Bison. As a class we discussed this unique mammal’s significance to our country and our state. We learned about the millions of Bison that roamed the prairie years ago and the Bison that are protected in various areas across the nation. Here’s a video that had us all amazed!

Large herd of plains bison ssp. bison moving through habitat, males displaying and fighting – View incredible American bison videos – Bison bison – on ARKive

Source: American bison video


Missouri State Parks

Field Trips

This year my class will be traveling to a different State Park every month. The following link provides all of the dates and the locations for these field trips through December.

Field Trip Calendar

I am extremely excited to be taking my class to see State Parks. I have been traveling to State Parks all summer long to fill my own passport.

IMG_20160813_104808247 IMG_20160827_152935482 IMG_20160813_150415933 IMG_20160724_181042 IMG_20160716_153619126

As you can tell I have been to quite a few parks. I’ve visited 39 parks to be exact! I would love for the students to participate in this with me! There are two ways to earn stamps. As you visit the State Parks you can put the stamps in your passport book. The books can be purchased for $5 at any State Park. You can also collect the stamps online in a virtual passport. The following link will allow you to create an account for an online passport.

Online Passport

I am mostly excited to have the opportunity to teach Missouri State History and visit State Parks all along the way. I know that learning through experiences is the best kind. These field trips will provide those experiences.

Don’t Forget

You will need to bring some things for each field trip.

  1. Field Trip Permission Slip
  2. Sack Lunch
  3. CCCS shirt

National Park Passes

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Fourth Grade is a wonderful year! Every Kid in a Park is a great program that encourages students to visit National Parks. Through this program students in fourth grade will receive a pass that will get them into National Parks for free! The following link provides all of the information about this amazing opportunity. National… Continue reading