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Tuesday Homework

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Parents, Today I sent home the first Tuesday Reader. This booklet is a great resource to practice reading and learn the vocabulary words from our story. Please read “Sprouts” with your second grader tonight! Encourage your reader to read as much as possible on their own. You can also take turns reading it to each… Continue reading

First Monday of the Year

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What an exciting Monday! Today was the solar eclipse and we had a wonderful day! Tonight is the first time for homework. Every Monday students will receive a reading fluency passage and a home-school connection page. The fluency reading instructions are here┬áParent Note fluency homework-1vriuf1 The first reading fluency page is called “On the Playground”.… Continue reading

Homework, Rewards, and Consequences

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Homework In my class students will have homework throughout the week. Homework should be a time to practice skills learned in class and how to be a responsible student. This year students will complete their classwork at school. If they are not able to finish in the amount of time given, then they will need… Continue reading