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Art Class

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As many of you know, Mrs. Constant and Mrs. Britton have been doing a wonderful job of teaching art. However, we have a new learning opportunity at CCCS. Starting on Monday, January 9, 2016 Mrs. Turner will be teaching art to our students. She will teach each class individually with age-appropriate art lessons. We are… Continue reading

Merry Muppet Puppets

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Today we had wonderful puppet presentations! The students created a story, created puppets and then presented the stories for the students in our school! I am so proud of what they did! Tomorrow is the last day before Christmas break. We will be having a Christmas party at 11am. We will have fruit, fruit dip and… Continue reading

Christmas Week Festivities

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The countdown to Christmas is well underway! We have one week left until Christmas Day! I’m sure that you have noticed the excitement in your home. We have certainly felt it at school! The students did a great job today of getting their science projects completed and presented, writing letters to their Pen Pals and… Continue reading