Science Fair Project

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We have been working really hard in class to learn about variables and performing experiments. Thank you for working with us at home with the science fair projects. The next step is to plan for the experiment. The next pages in the science fair packet are pages 12 – 14. On page 15 it talks about conducting the experiment. I do not want the students to conduct the experiment yet. However, I do need the students to start planning of how they will record their information. At the bottom of page 15 or on a separate sheet of paper the students need to create a chart for their experiment.

The next day to turn in the science packet will be Tuesday, February 28!

Below is an example of a table we used to record the experiment we did in class.

Days Jar A Jar B Jar C
1 6 cm 6 cm 6 cm
2 5.7 cm 5.8 cm 5.8 cm
5 5.6 cm 5.5 cm 5.5 cm
6 5.5 cm 5.4 cm 5.0 cm
7 5.3 cm 5.1cm 4.9 cm
8 5.2 cm 5.0 cm 4.8 cm
9 5.2 cm 4.8 cm 4.7 cm
12 4.8 cm 4.3 cm 4.5 cm
13 4.7 cm 4.0 cm 4.3 cm
14 4.6 cm 3.9 cm 4.3 cm


Also, here are some videos we have been viewing in class to help us create our own successful experiments.

Isolating Variables



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