Election Day

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The students have been working really hard on persuading each other what to have for snack. We had three options for snack; popcorn, caramel corn, and corn on the cob. The students wrote wonderful persuasive essays that descried each treat. They filled out voter registration cards for our class and today they cast their votes.

The votes came in today and our snack was delicious! We had caramel corn in a tight race. It was a fight to the finish but thankfully we did not need a recount.


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  1. I liked the carmel corn but I was hoping for corn on the cob would win. I hope next year we will have this again,so corn on the cob could have a better chance of winning it.

    • It was a really close vote! It could have gone either way! I agree that corn on the cob is delicious. It was the winner four years ago when my class had the same election. You never know!

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