Bothwell Lodge State Historic Site

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Our field trip is next Friday. Each student is responsible for certain things to be able to go on the trip with us.

They need

  1. to turn in all of their homework
  2. bring a sack lunch on the day of the field trip
  3. wear a CCCS shirt
  4. wear tennis shoes
  5. bring their permission form
  6. bring $2.25 for admission for the tour
  7. bring their passport if they would like a stamp

I am very excited about this trip! We will be watching a video about Mr. Bothwell before we go. Our tour will begin at 10am. We will be leaving school around 9:15am. The tour of the house does cost money. The cost for students is $2.25 and adults will be $3.25. The house may be cold so students should dress in layers. The weather will determine how long we stay at Bothwell. If the weather is nice we will stay to eat lunch and maybe hike through the park. If you would like to join us for our State Park adventure please let me know!

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