Changes, Updates, and things to look for

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  1. Parent Teacher Conferences will be next week November 2-4. Please look for a sign-up sheet that went home today. Please return it as soon as possible so that we can get the meetings scheduled. Mrs. Constant and I will be doing conferences together.
  2. I hope that you have started on the Map Project that the students received last week. If you have any questions, please let me know! They will be due next THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3!
  3. Homework. I am really encouraging the students to beĀ great workers in class. We have been struggling to use our class time wisely and turn in our math pages. That being said, the students will be having more math homework. If they do not get the math pages done during class time, they will need to compete them at home.
  4. We will be going to our third state park next Friday. It is a privilege to go on these trips. The students need to turn all of their homework in this week and next week in order to go. They also need to be responsible for bringing a sack lunch and their permission forms on the day of the field trip.

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